Like many other little girls I started drawing horses. Like many others who became graphic artist later, I sat before Walt Disney's movies with my mouth agape. The effect of 2D animation was so overwhelming on me, so I wanted to become an animator. I was lucky enough to get a little taste from the traditional animation at Magyar Rajzfilstudio in Hungary. After the high-school (Gymnasium) I started a 2 year course at Obudai Kepzomuveszeti Szakkepzo Iskola (Vocational School of Fine Arts) where I studied animation, drawing, art history, geometry and anatomy. Next to traditional animation and typography I've got experience in 2D animation programs like MOHO Anime Studio, in video editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and a bit of 3D modeling with ZBrush and Maya. 

I grab every opportunity for practice and develop. I've worked on concepts for a starting online game, designed logos, posters and CD covers. Nowadays I'm learning Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk SketchBook and Spine 2D.

I like everything about fantasy and the sci-fi worlds including books, comics, movies and video games. Music is fundamental in my working phase. I can't imagine drawing without background music, it's the leading inspiration for me. All my artwork has it's own song in my playlist.  

  I also tried myself in different types of art like sculpting, painting, poetry, music, even in dance.

 My goal is to share my little inside-world, my visions exactly the way I see them. So let me welcome you in my world, enjoy your stay.