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From music to comic
Ghost Rising

The beginning

At this point I didn't think about anything more serious than this.

Work in progress

I couldn't wait to get to the inking process.

No turning back

Still on printing paper

The new era

A full new story and newer style.


 Ghost Rising's idea was born in the winter of 2015 when I first saw the band Ghost on the stage. By the influence of their music I began to draw a few little pictures with pencils and multiliner pens. In the beginning I didn't plan much more. It was fun. 

 Then - as the technique started to be comfortable for me - I decided to do it seriously and add a proper story. I wanted to make a dark, new-medieval world that shows serious problems in humanity, fears and faith.


 The project started to grow so big that I had to think it over and after I made some important changes I realized that I need to start the whole project from the start again. 

 The scene is a Vatican-like city where Pope Slavio Castorieli is the sovereign. Guided by an ancient prophecy he begins to "purify" the city which causes the people to split into two parties: the ones who agree and the ones who don't.
Therefore Slavio establishes the Slavian order, a militia from purified nuns and priests to protect him and his city. A civil war breaks out, people try to escape while the Slavian order - with the high inquisitor, Justicius - arranges bloodbath on the streets. The story begins with a young military-nun, Celeste, who serves the dreadful Slavian order.

 I was heavily inspired by the movie V for Vendetta (I read the comic just after) and at the beginning I started to write the story using it as a pattern. But I didn't want to copy and as it used to happen to me, I overextended myself. I have about 30 pages (15 from the new version) for this comic all made with multiliner pens but the project stopped a few years ago. 

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