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The birth of the Recreator

"It was autumn I remember. I roamed on cold, bleak, dark streets that night. I had only one goal: to keep going. Where, I had no idea, I just knew why. The rain washed away my life."


This is how I started the story.
I never tried to make comics before but I had my ink, some multiliners, I bought Bristol paper and started without any bigger conception - I just wanted to create something new. I loved the way the ink behaved and after a few panels I decided to write a proper story. Later I tried to make a digital version which wasn't so successful and I abandoned this project for a long while. 

First version of Saael

  The Recreator is about the encounter of a young, desperate girl  and a mighty, furious necromancer who was reborn from his own wrath. It has a very sad and dark atmosphere full with heavy thoughts about life and afterlife and about the power of a tortured soul. 

  The first ideas came during the bus trips from work when I watched the big cemetery of Obuda at night. I created the first ink painted picture about Sage and Saael sitting in the cemetery in 2014. One year later I started to create the comic.

I realized very soon that I bit off more than I could chew. I wrote the story with discovery writing and it slowly slipped from my hand. Neither the frames nor the story stood on solid grounds so I had to hold my horses and learn more about the fundamentals. 

The learning process stopped as I moved to the UK and the everydays took me far away from my gloomy undead world. A
s a comic it vanished.

And reawakened as an illustrated novel. 


I was always creating most of my works in monochrome but after a long time I wanted to do something colorful. I got a bunch of brushmarkers for my birthday and I drew the most iconic scene from the story when Saael wakes a dead flower for Sage.

 The biggest break-through was when I made my first watercolor-based illustration for the Recreator. After I saw Abigail Larson's artworks and learned about her creating method, I tried it and I fell in love with this technique. 


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